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6.30pm - Pre Drinks available on Balcony               

7.00pm - Doors Open with Cast Photos    


7.45pm - Photographs Finish                            

8.00pm - Dinner is Served                        

8.40pm - Raffle is Drawn                                  

9.00pm - Part 1 of Show Starts                          

10.00pm - 20 Min Interval                                 

10.20pm - Part 2 of Show Starts                          

11.20pm - Show Ends                                      

Goodbye's from the Cast for 15 Minutes.                       

Additonal Information  

* Talk of the Town has two shows that alternate every week, each show is completely different, only the finale is the same. We call these "SHOW A" and "SHOW B" and they change over every Saturday throughout the season. ​If you wish to see both shows then make sure you ask your booking agent which show is currently running so you don't see the same show twice on your holiday.

* Dinner consists of Roasted Chicken, home cooked Chips & Fresh Salad. 

A Vegetarian option is available for dinner which consists of Omelette, home cooked Chips & fresh Salad.


* If you have purchased a Show Only ticket then please arrive at 8.45pm so you can be seated before the show starts.   

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