Professional Dancer/Choreographer 

Born in 1992, from Sinop in Turkey, East started dancing from a very young age and had a special education in Music and Dance/Science and Arts for 6 years.


The Science and Arts Center is a unique school which gives education to a select amount of talented pupils who pass several examinations to become successful.  

East then graduated from the Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty in Mugla. He then gained the opportunity to work in the Travel & Tourism Sector, working in some of Turkey's most prestige hotels/resorts as a Choreographer and all round entertainer for over 5 years. 

He has been currently living/working in Athens for the last 3 years developing his dance skills in the art of aerial performance. East then received a very important phone call from Miss DCB who offered him the opportunity to bring his vast array of talent back home to perform with Miss DCB on her erection, sorry, we mean stag, alongside our fabulous girls, to which he happily excepted.