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Professional Drag Artist

Miss Roxxy began her life in the bright city lights of Leeds, pulling pints and learning the back and forth banter with the customers till the early hours, shortly after she was discovered by a well known Drag Queen named Carla Jackson who took her under her wing and taught her, her first steps in the world of drag... and from there the "Dazzling Divas" were born. 

As the years went on, she was proportioned by the famous Miss Orry who contracted her for work in the famous Funny Girls in Blackpool. From then on there was no stopping her! She started pushing the boundries of her act, not just with stand up but also her dancing skills. It wasnt long before the late and great Miss Ada James heard of her talents and secretly came to watch her on stage in the Viaduct Showbar Leeds, from then on her carrier in sun was born...

At the early age of 21 Miss Roxxy began her life abroad working for a company called Talk of the Town in Hisarnou (Turkey) with an array of established performers. After many happy years, she was again scouted and whisked away to the beautiful island of Cyprus, to work in a brand new show called Stardust, where she stayed for 3 fabulous seasons.   


In 2019 Roxxy called Miss DCB and said it was time to return home to Turkey, we are happy she is back for revenge, so lock up your husbands... and your son's. 

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