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Professional Drag Artist & Vocalist

Nessie is a Bonnie wee Lassie from the Lochs of Scotland.

As a late developer at the ripe old age of 22 she took to the stage to study Musical Theatre at Motherwell college. Here she learned her craft in singing and dancing. After the degree was in the handbag she jetted off to sunnier climates to Tenerife to take on her first of many professional roles as production cast entertaining all ages in various resorts.


During this time her skills learnt were put to work and developed as she travelled around different countries performing in the TUI Sensatori hotels. It was in 2016 when she first discovered Talk of the Town, and watched her first ever drag show starring the hilarious and talented Miss DCB. After leaving Turkey she then continued to travel still performing but also taking on a new role of assistant manager and then touring manager for a Jersey boys tribute.


It was then in 2019 Nessie purchased her first makeup brush, ginger wig, sequined gown and flats were swapped for heels as she sashayed into town. It was in Tenerife where Nessie met Connie, a foundation was formed and the drag duo The Tenor Ladies were born. 


Having lost her drag virginity she is now delighted to find herself on the other side of our curtain and joining the fabulous cast of Talk of the Town.

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